Spring 2021 – A New Season and a New Look!

Spring in the north-western hemisphere is a time of regrowth and renewal.  In Nehiyaw (Cree) this time corresponds to NISKIPISIM or the Goose Moon, which signifies the return of the goose and the start of this new season.    Here in the Tracking Change team, we thought we could all use a little change.  Today we proudly present the new, refreshed and updated Tracking Change website.  We’ve been working hard over the past few months to transform our website into a tool that communicates the enormous achievements of our incredible partners.  With our project coming to an end, we want to celebrate our successes and the ongoing legacy of our work.  

  • A fresh logo: Our new logo honours the original look and incorporates new graphic elements.  It includes the circle, to demonstrate the wholistic and interconnected elements of our project; the triangle, as both a mountain and the delta symbol of change; and the flow of water, the focal area of the project.  
  • Indicators: Between 2015 and 2020, 31 Community-led projects were undertaken and completed.  The projects reveal important insights into the changes experienced across the Mackenzie Basin.  In addition, research projects in the Amazon and Mekong looked at the key questions posed at the start of Tracking Change.  This new section highlights the key learnings from community research partners across all three watersheds.  
  • In the Classroom: The importance of engaging youth has been a primary focus of our project and we are proud to release a series of 12 Lesson Plans for students in grades 7 to 12.  
  • Publications: From newsletters to theses, and summary reports to journal articles, we have published over 60 print documents as part of this project.  It’s so exciting to see them all in one place.  We should note that not all the outputs of the project are traditional print products – we have also produced webinars, videos and even a storybook, all accessible through ‘Presentations‘.    

Please take a look through the website and let us know what you think.  Tracking Change is a project about adaptation and we are happy to grow and change our website as find new information to share.  

Special thanks to Abby D’Souza, Elaine Maloney, Carrie Karsgaard and Kevin Pundyk for their efforts in building our new site.