Carrie Oloriz - Team Photo

Carrie Oloriz

M.Sc. Graduate, Environmental Management

Supervisor: Brenda Parlee – Supervisor

Collaboration with: Stol’o First Nations / Ubon Ratchathani University

Research Topic: Local Fishers Knowledge in Governance in the Lower Mekong and Fraser Basins

The goal of this proposed project to learn more about the role of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and management practices in decision-making about the sustainability of fish and fishing livelihoods in the Lower Mekong and Fraser Basins. The two specific objectives are to determine: a) what and how TEK is being systematically generated about culturally valued fish species that are currently ‘endangered’ (e.g., Giant Catfish Panasianodon gigas ‘pla buek’), and b) how this knowledge is influencing the governance of fish and fishing livelihoods at different scales. Oloriz hopes to learn from local fishers, leaders and government representatives about different aspects of Traditional Knowledge and its potential role in governance. Most importantly, she would like to contribute to the sustainability of local ecosystems, fishing practices and livelihoods.