Chelsea Martin Team Photo

Chelsea Martin

M.Sc. Graduate, Risk and Community Resilience

Supervisor: Brenda Parlee

Collaboration with: Sahtu Renewable Resources Board

Research Topic: Sahtu Goti’ine Traditional Knowledge: The Impact of Climate Change on Fishing Livelihoods

This presentation discusses a project developed with the Sahtu Got’ine of Deline. The Sahtu Got’ine of Deline have, over many generations, developed valuable knowledge, practices and institutions that are deeply integrated with their spiritual worldview; Great Bear Lake for example, is conceptualized as the source or ‘heart’ of the community and their livelihood. Traditional knowledge about local ecosystems including ecosystem dynamics is important to the continued sustainability of fishing livelihoods in this region and in many other northern communities. As the stresses of climate change and resource development grow, this knowledge will become even more important to the community and others concerned with the sustainability of the arctic environment.

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