Corrine Porter

Executive Director, Dena Kayeh Institute and member of TKSC

Corrine Porter is a Kaska Dena citizen. Her family’s traditional homestead was at Graveyard Lake, BC prior to moving closer to town, settling in and around the Fireside and Liard Hotspring areas. Corrine has worked with the Kaska Nation for 20+ years in various roles. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resource Science, in 2004, Corrine moved back home and became the Executive Director of the Dena Kayeh Institute, a not-for-profit society created by the Kaska Nation to empower, preserve, and protect the Kaska Dena language, oral traditions, history, culture, and traditional knowledge. In her capacity as the Executive Director she has worked with the Kaska communities on many land and Resource initiatives including resource stewardship, land use planning, negotiating and implementation of the Strategic Engagement Agreement with Province (BC), wildlife management, community initiatives including managing the Dane nan yḗ dāh Network (BC Kaska Guardian Program). Corrine currently is the Yukon Indigenous Member on the Mackenzie River Basin Board and has, in the past, sat as a Member on the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area Advisory Board.