Floyd Auger

Little Red River Cree Nation

Tansi! Floyd (Epo) Auger Sr. nitsîhkason. John D’Or Prairie oschi nîya.
My name is Floyd (Epo) Auger Sr. I am from John D’Or Prairie, Alberta. John D’Or Prairie is a part of Little Red River Cree Nation which is located east of High Level in northern Alberta. I come from a strong cultural and Cree language background. Growing up, I was taught to always be proud of who I am and where I come from. My interests are hunting, trapping, fishing, and camping. I like to spend my time teaching my grandson and my nephews how to hunt like I have taught my sons. It is never too early to teach young ones our traditional way of life. I teach them the proper protocols to follow when we go out to hunt. I share every kill with family and friends. As for my Cree language, I always speak it to my grandkids so that they are fluent when they grow up. Nehîyawatsiwin (Cree way of life) is one of my biggest passions in this life.

Haî Haî