JD Storr (Johnnie)

Aklavik Hunters’ and Trappers’ Committee

JD Storr (Johnnie) was born and raised in Aklavik NT. He moved to Inuvik for a few years and returned back home to Aklavik where he has been hunting and fishing for as long as he can remember. He has traveled the Mackenzie Basin and hunted and fished this area, learning from his father about the times of fish runs and migrations of birds and other wildlife in the area.

In JD’s words: “I have been interested in the Tracking Change project in the Mackenzie River Basin because it is a big part of my life that feeds me and my family each year. To see the changes in other areas gives us more knowledge about the changes to come and that is happening in our area. I love the land and water in this area, and will be passing on my knowledge to my son as it has always been done in the generations before me, and am thankful for the lifestyle we live today.”