Neil Spicer

M.Sc. Graduate, Community Risk and Resilience

Supervisor: Brenda Parlee

Collaboration with: Dene Tha’ First Nations and K’atl’odeeche First Nations

Research Topic:  Water Security in Dene Tha’ First Nations and K’atl’odeeche First Nations

Despite fiduciary and legal requirements of the Canadian government in ensuring First Nation communities’ well-being, safe natural water sources and household water sources are frequently a massive problem for many First Nation communities across Canada. My research, in collaboration with the communities of the DTFN and KFN, examines drinking water consumption patterns and water security levels. Although there are many potential outcomes of this research, the objectives are to:  A) Ascertain what water sources community members drink, both within the home and while on the land hunting and fishing, and what factors are impacting water sources within their area; and B) develop a tool to help quantify and ascertain levels of water security for First Nation communities within Canada. This research could help lay the foundation for First Nation communities to have a better understanding of the various factors involved in their community’s water security level and community members’ concerns over their water.